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Google I/O Extended
Harris Building
May 18th
8:00am - 10:00pm
Our event is approaching and there's a couple of things you should consider!
Background Speakers Unfortunately we have no more available slots for speakers. However, look below at our current speaker list to see what we have scheduled for this years Google I/O Extended Event. Sign Up
Background Register Google I/O is approaching! And our extended event is approaching with it. Purchase a ticket below. Register Now
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Here's a preview for our upcoming speakers at our Google I/O Extended event
Start Garden Seamless IoT panel - From Dumb Things to Smart Things
Brian Scott
Brian Scott, Amway
Ryan Schmidt
Ryan Schmidt, Steelcase
James Hotary
Jim Hotary, Faurecia
Individual Speakers
Neural Networks and Google Tensor Flow by Shannon McCormick (@slmerb04)
David Rodriguez
Kubernetes, Docker, and Jenkins by David Rodriguez (@rodrigdav), SpinDance, Inc.
Art Prize Scaling to Cloud by Jeff Wheeler (@jeffreypwheeler), Art Prize
Individual Speakers
Git Better by Steve Smith (@orderedlist), GitHub
Functional Reactive Programming & Reactive Cocoa by Michael Bopp (@mwbopp)
Indie Game Development Made Us Better At Life by Larry Martin & Aaron VanProoyen (@magicrat_larry)
Brian Tol
The Internet of Things for Food and Profit by Brian Tol (@SpinDanceInc), SpinDance, Inc.
Dave Schoutens
The Data is the API by Dave Schoutens (@DaveSchoutens), BravoLT
The Dollars and Cents of UX by Karen VanHouten (@kvh_ia)
Kendrick Cline
Running your Cloud like Google with the Google Cloud Platform by Kendrick Cline (@Kendrick_Cline)
Christy Ennis-Kloote
Product Design Parallels by Christy Ennis-Kloote (@EnnisKloote)
Erik Dahl
Designing Our Futures by Erik Dahl (@eadahl)
Kevin White
Uniting through narrative: How storyboarding can impact business, design and development by Kevin White
Here's a list of our sponsors
BravoLT Spectrum Health Lean Logistics
Spindance OST New Holland Brewing
Start Garden
Twistthink Modustri Atomic Object
New Holland Brewing Propaganda Donuts Lantern Coffee
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